22 mln

roller coated
pieces per year

1.5 mln

spray coated
pieces per year

2 mln

pieces per year


Coating can be applied to non-stick cookware by employing one of two different technologies. We are able to employ both of them in our factories, offering the highest quality in accordance to market demand.


Non-stick coating (PTFE) is transferred with rolling cylinder to aluminum discs, which is mechanically pre-treated in order to guarantee optimal adhesion.


Spray coating is done on automatic spray coating line, through use of compressed air and last generation HVLP nozzles, highly reducing waste and coatings buildup.

Slide With its wide array of molds, RIVER is able to produce any kind of article, regardless of its demand in the market, in different shapes, and in every diameter. Coatings
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Slide Find out More Tests and quality controls are repeated in every phase of manufacturing, in order to always guarantee the highest quality products, compliant to legal standards. We work with the most high-profile brands QUALITY Slide Find out more We’re proud to share with you our patented solutions, such as the natural non-stick ZEROCOLOR®, or our exclusive ground base SPITFIRE®. We invest in research and development PATENTS

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