roller painted
pieces a year



spray painted
pieces a year


pieces a year


RIVER is currently equipped with 4 automated lines on 8 hours shifts, able to extend productivity up to 60,000 painted discs per day.

Each operation is fully robotized and monitored through electronic control.

Every paint used has been bought from the best companies in their sector, and, since 2021, RIVER is able to manufacture coatings for personal use, certified ISO 9001 by the best analysis labs. Year 2019 sees the birth of ZEROCOLOR®,the only patented colorant-free, non-stick coating in the world.

Our specialized personnel’s experience and preparation allow for optimal production management, granting a great degree of flexibility: a critical factor in the current market situation, the importance of which will only grow in time.


Non-stick varnish (PTFE) is transferred with the employment of rolls to the aluminum surface, which is mechanically pre-treated in order to guarantee optimal underlayer adhesion.

After painting, all pieces are subjected to high temperature sintering in order to unite aluminum and the non-stick coating. We are able to apply any type of varnish to the
external side of the aluminum discs.

Out of the assembly line, the aluminum discs and rectangles are assembled and finished in the pressing department according to the client’s specific requests.


Spray painting is done on automatic painting lines, through use of compressed air and last generation HVLP guns, highly reducing waste of paint.

It’s the main coating method for preformed aluminum alloy, steel, and die casting products. The painting products, according to each specific request, are nebulized and transferred to the surface to be coated, then properly sintered (or polymerized) in an oven.

Many pre-treatment options are available, ranging from alkaline cleaning to sandblasting. This process allows us to maintain high quality standards.