ZEROCOLOR® is a water-based non-stick coating. Neither organic nor inorganic pigments nor colors are used. The latest innovation that allows to cook in a healthy and natural way.

  1. Water-based
  2. Colors, organic and inorganic pigments FREE
  3. PFOA free
  4. Excellent non-stick properties (A+)
  5. Non-stick coating that can be applied on high-quality aluminum
  6. BAT - Best Available Technology


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DYLON® non-stick coating, a RIVER’ exclusive trademark, is certified according to the highest international quality standards and has been tested by “Lab Analysis” to test the best quality, conformity and efficiency to guarantee food safety.

In the last few years, non-stick coatings have noticeably advanced, both technologically and quality wise. Their endurance, as well as their non-stick properties, has reached performances levels that would not be possible few years ago.

River is always ahead when it comes to research and development of new solutions for the quality and beauty of the products, starting from raw materials used.

This led to the creation of basic ranges with five-star quality and excellent non-stick properties, never neglecting aesthetics.


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RIVER invented and patented SPITFIRE®.

This patent consists in an exclusive trimming that allows cooking implements. It can be applied to any diameter.

SPITFIRE®, beside improving heat conduction, protects pan’s body from side flames that can create hot-spots.