ZEROCOLOR® is a water-based internal coating, both organic and inorganic
colorant-free. The latest in innovation, allowing to cook in a healthy, natural way.

  1. Water-based
  2. Free of both organic and inorganic pigments
  3. Excellent non-stick properties (A+)
  4. Non-stick coating that can be applied on high-quality aluminum
  5. BAT - Best Available Technology


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The DYLON® non-stick coating, certified according to the highest international quality standards, is an exclusive River trademark.

In the last few years, non-stick coatings have noticeably advanced, both technologically and in quality. Their endurance, as well as their non-stick properties, has reached levels of performance that would’ve been unthinkable only a few years ago, and River is always first in line when it comes to research and development of new solutions that allow for both quality and beauty for its products, starting from the raw materials used.

This has led to the creation of ground-breaking lines, first class in both endurance and non-stick properties, but never neglecting aesthetics.



RIVER has created and patented the SPITFIRE® ornamental model.

This patent consists in an exclusive adjustment that follows the cooking implement’s outline, and can be applied to any diameter.

The SPITFIRE® base, aside from improving heat conduction by covering a wider surface compared to the standard bases, protects the pan’s body from the flame’s excessive heat, preventing unaesthetic burn marks caused by overheating.