River S.p.A. was founded in a small establishment in Lodi’ surroundings in 1983.


The company moved in a large and modern establishment in Podenzano (Piacenza), where it was possible to build 10.000 m2 covered surface on a 30.000 m2 campground, in 1995.

In the same time e new and modern roller coating plan is installed.


River SpA acquired a new company in Corno Giovine (LO) to install a modern spray-coating, to ensure River to comply with market’ new requests in non-stick cookware industry in 2004.


River SpA acquired TOP S.p.A. as production branch. Immediately RIVER SpA becomes a solid partner in the aluminum non-stick market, thanks to a combination of high productivity and high-quality standards thanks to experience and competence of workers after years of expertise in the production of non-stick aluminum cookware, in 2007.


RVER and TOP merges in Podenzano’ facility, creating a new, increasingly efficient, and well-organized manufacturing experience, in 2015.


After long research & developments, ZEROCOLOR® is created and presented to the markets in 2019. ZEROCOLOR® is the unique and innovative water based non-stick coating produced without the use of colors or pigments.


River introduces a new ceramic non-stick coating to combine aesthetic with technical features for a great non-stick and high resistance non-stick coating, in 2021.


Innovation moves on. Attention and care for the environment push RIVER towards new investments in the search of green technologies, to preserve our products’ top performances.


Innovazione e impianti green

Il rispetto e la tutela dell'ambiente sono tra le principali priorità di River