River S.p.A. was born in 1983 in a small establishment in the surroundings of Lodi.


The company is transferred to the vast and modern settlement of Podenzano (Piacenza), where it is able to make use of a 10.000 Sqm overed surface, on a 30.000 Sqm plot of land.

Concurrently, the production plants for roll painting are completely renovated.


In 2004 the Corno Giovine (LO) establishment is acquired. Here, a modern spray-painting system is installed, in order to ensure River’s offer can cover every necessity in the non-stick cookware industry.


River acquires TOP S.p.A. as its production branch. It immediately finds its footing in the market, thanks to a combination of high productivity and high-quality standards, as guaranteed by the experience and competence of individuals with years of expertise in the production of non-stick aluminum cookware.


The two companies unify in Podenzano’s facility, creating a new, increasingly efficient, and well-organized manufacturing experience.


Birth of ZEROCOLOR®, our trailblazing, long-lasting, colorant-free non-stick coating. It contains no pigments (whether organic or inorganic), therefore preserving a completely neutral visual effect.


Birth of RIVER new ceramic coating, capable of combining ceramic’s appeal and elegance with a non-stick coating’s high performance.


Innovation moves on, and our attention to the environment pushes RIVER towards significant investments in the research of new green technologies, in order to preserve our products’ top performances.


Innovazione e impianti green

Il rispetto e la tutela dell'ambiente sono tra le principali priorità di River