Environment The establishment is equipped with a cutting-edge regenerative heat exchanger, which cleans waste gas generated during productive cycles. Monitoring The entire system is protected by a continuous emission monitoring system, delivering surveys, verifications, and recordings every three minutes. Complete ecological protection, safety, and health of operators is guaranteed in both the internal and external areas. Plastic FREE Environmental respect and protection are amongst RIVER’s main priorities. The company ensures use of ecological packaging, with a completely Plastic Free approach.

Tests and quality

Tests and quality controls are repeated in every phase of manufacturing, in order to always guarantee the manufacturing of products that are compliant with legal standards and the main international quality control protocols in the non-stick industry, including French, German, English BSI standards, and any other test requested by the client.



River is in possession of an ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001:2015certification, for the production of cookware, homeware, and semi-finished non-stick aluminum products.

Cut test

Allows for measurement of the non-stick coatings’ adhesion to an aluminum underlayer, through an incision (cross cut) on the painted surface. The test can be run on both plain pieces and printed, spray-painted, or rolled ones.


t’s used to determine wear resistance of a cooking implement (pot or pan) or of its semi-finished products, covered in non-stick coating. Abrasion is applied through a Scotch Brite 3M pad.

Abrasion test

It’s used on customer demand in order to determine wear resistance of a cooking implement (pot or pan) covered in non-stick coating. Abrasion is applied through a mixture of corundum sandpaper, stainless steel bearings, and water.


Non-stick coatings for homeware (pots and pans) are exposed to wet heat and vapors for long periods of time. This method allows for evaluation of the coatings’ resistance to long-term cyclical exposition to boiling salted water and steam.


Il non-stick test monitors the coating’s non-stick quality. It is conducted by pouring milk inside the cooking implement, and bringing it to maximum temperature until it chars. By using a nylon spatula, the charred milk film should detach.

Washing Machine

Through a series of high-temperature washing machine cleaning cycles, the non-stick’s resistance to the aggressiveness of chemical agents contained in detergents, and to steam during the drying process, are tested.